Redeeming the Rogue

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The Chambers Series Book 3

As an agent for the Crown, Michael Rafferty is on the trail of a violent Irish separatist in Washington, D.C. But to complete his disguise as a diplomat, he needs Lady Arianne Chambers to portray his wife. As she teaches the rough Rafferty about high society, he teaches her to unleash the passions she has denied for so long…

"Irish Rebellion, smuggled guns, and the assassination of American president James Garfield form a lively backdrop for this sweet, sexy, and smartly told Victorian romance."

Publishers Weekly

"MacMeans’ voice is original and vibrant. Her fresh plots, irresistible characters and high wit not only put a smile on reader’s faces, but a glow in their hearts. The final volume in the Chambers trilogy is pure joy, funny, sexy and exciting."

4.5 stars TOP PICK Romantic Times Bookreviews