Chambers Family Trilogy: Box Set

The Chambers Series Books 1-4

Four exciting Victorian Historical Romances in one box set. This set includes 3 novels of the Chambers Trilogy and one bonus Christmas novella. The titles include:

THE EDUCATION OF MRS. BRIMLEY - A Victorian Striptease! A young innocent pretends to be a widow so as to teach at a finishing school remote to London. However upon arrival, she learns she was hired to teach bedroom etiquette, of which she knows nothing. Fortunately, the very man she has been warned not to see is an artist desperate for a model for his painting. They meet in secrecy and strike an agreement. He will answer one question about intimacy for every item of clothing she removes as his model. She is hesitant to ask questions as his answers lead to more questions. Who will win this fun and sexy game of cat-and-mouse? AWARD WINNER.

THE SEDUCTION OF A DUKE - An American heiress is forced to marry an impoverished duke (introduced in the previous novel). Her parents want grandchildren. He needs the money. However, the rushed wedding makes him think his new bride must be pregnant. Not that it would change his wedding plans, but he simply wants to know if an early born child is his or not. He decides not to consummate the marriage until he knows the answer. In fact the bride is not pregnant, but her father has offered an attractive incentive for her to become pregnant quickly. She tries to seduce the duke, he tries to resist. Fun, sexy, with a surprising plot twist.

REDEEMING THE ROGUE - The story features the sister of the two brothers in the preceding novels (who also appear in this novel). She wants to escape England before a scandal becomes public knowledge. She accepts an invitation to teach an Irish rogue , who is working for the Crown, the ways of an English gentleman. The Irishman is to pretend to be a diplomat in order to hunt a killer. Together, they travel to Washington D.C. on a private steamer and become embroiled in espionage, a gun-running plot, and treason accusations. ACTION ADVENTURE ROMANCE. LIBRARY JOURNAL STARRED REVIEW.

HER HEART IN HIS POCKET - A Christmas novella featuring a character appearing in Redeeming the Rogue. An orphan grows up in the underbelly of London, never knowing his parentage, fighting for every morsel of food, until an Irishman offers to take him as a helper to America. Years later, he returns to London and receives a mysterious invitation to a ball at a remote castle. He goes out of curiosity and discovers an old acquaintance, a young lady who was once a pickpocket but is now a ladies maid. A murderer, also a guest at the castle, would like to see both of them eliminated. Plot twists, romance, and murder, all in one fast-paced novella.

A great buy for hours of reading. Immerse yourself in the Chambers Box Set. Order today!